SARMS in 2018: Exciting times ahead!

2017 was a big year in the space for advanced developments in SARMS research with many new key developments across various SARMS family compounds that have given enthusiasts great promise for the year ahead in terms of compound improvements and movements up the development ladder.

A key new age SARM that gained a lot of prominence over the last year has been YK-11. Primarily because studies are limited on this particular compound, the many benefits and effectiveness of the compound have gained popularity more recently with YK-11 being branded as perhaps one of the strongest SARMS currently on the market, coming in close to S-4 in terms of development of muscle mass.

A SARM credited with key developments and research coming out of Japan, YK-11 is probably the SARM to watch in 2018 as the compound moves into further trials with the hope being that ultimately this compound will move into the clinical phase where real results and descriptive details can be revealed however results to date are phenomenally promising.

SARMS less on the lean muscle growth side and more on the performance and fat loss side that gained prominence over the past year are of course.

While it has recently had many myths debunked over the past year it remains one of the worlds most popular performance enhancers due to its exceptional ability to increase endurance can cardio output.

For this reason, further studies have made advanced conclusions about its effectiveness more prominent with the consensus amongst the scientific community at the moment being that it will more likely see additional advanced human studies in the coming years similar to the ones already undertaken with astonishing results in human performance.

Primarily this compound continues to be a fascinating one for its ability to allow subjects to lose fat when not training whole ramping up output during training also. For this reason it has become an exceptionally popular stack and continues in popularity to date.

Developments and improvements to the already popular MK-2866 have continued and it still remains the most advanced muscle repair compound on the market at the moment and second to none in this respect. MK-2866 may be one of the most advanced SARMS in terms of being a step closer to mainstream popularity and over the next 3 – 4 years consensus is that this research compound is very close to going off the grey list and onto the green list and as such is certainly a promising SARM to keep an eye on.

A key theme in studies around synergies between SARMS and one looked at by a number of observers and practitioners was the developments in RAD-140 and LGD-4033, specifically how they work together. As they have similar mechanics of action, targeting androgen receptors to help grow muscle, these two compounds have often been debated as to which is best with a current view point being they can actually achieve great synergies when used in tandem. Making a stack with both RAD-140 and LGD-4033 a very popular one amongst many

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for this reason.

And lastly, without question the most popular growth hormone secretagogue SARM that has gained more and more prominence over the past year with more expected to continue onto the new year is the MK-677 compound. This one has been hailed as one of the most popular SARMS as it’s ease of use and phenomenal effectiveness to secret growth hormone has made it very popular.

In addition to this it is a SARM that has even observed to be able to cycle the longest for up to 6 months before a break is required making it a popular choice for subjects that are both on and / or off cycle all year round. A break on this compound has been suggested so as not to develop an over tolerance and to maintain its high effectiveness.

2018 and beyond promises to be exciting times for all SARMS enthusiasts with many new developments on the horizon and spectators continue to watch this space with excitement as new breakthroughs are made in the race to develop the best research compounds in the new age.

Stay tuned for more updates throughout the year..


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