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About Us

Performance Clinics are World's premium quality sports research product suppliers. Our products are the highest quality / purity on the market, produced in the most sophisticated and highly regulated US facilities available and tested by World's most trusted quality assurance analysts with quality reports available on request.

We provide research only products to our clients and ensure access to the best quality product at a fraction of the price available to research specialists elsewhere. Please read our product usage disclaimer before deciding whether or not our products are suitable for your research project.

GW-0741-PPAR (Shred v2)


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Product name: GW-0741-PPAR
Short name: Shred v2
Molecular Formula: C15H12F6N3O
Concentration: 10mg/ml
Volume: 30ml
G-0741-PPAR is a premium and exceptionally high quality derivative research compound and PPARδ receptor agonist currently used as a highly effective cardiovascular and improved physical output and performance compound.
G-0741-PPAR has gained much traction in the human evolution and performance enhancement world for very good reason due to its highly effective performance capabilities.
This compound has been altered in molecular structure improved upon to represent a unique and proprietary derivative of several similar compounds only as a highly effective oral compound has been altered to maintain global regulatory compliance whilst maintaining a high level of effectiveness.
Note: All PC International products are for research purposes only. No statements made on this website or blog have been evaluated by your local or international administrative or regulatory body as our products are strictly for research purposes only. All products for sale are intended for laboratory and research use. All buyers must be a minimum of 18 years to purchase these products. These products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Please refer to our product use and disclaimer for more information.


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About Us

Performance Clinics are World’s premium quality sports research product suppliers.

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