Enhanced Lean Stack (1 month)



Stack: Enhanced Lean Stack (1 month)

Products: MK-286, S-4, MK-677

Stack duration: This stack will last up to 30 days or 4 weeks.

Dosage Protocol: 1ml per compound each morning mixed into a standard liquid or drink for optimum dilution.

PCT: Clomid 1 week

Stack Summary:

MK-2866 is an oral SARM that binds to the androgen receptors and as such shows selective anabolic activity. This also increases protein synthesis and helps to build lean muscle. MK-2866 uses its anabolic effects on muscle tissue specifically so users see targeted results and lean muscle gains. By targeted results we mean targeted and rapid repair / healing.

MK-677 is an orally administered growth hormone secretagogue designed as a liquid oral product.  A secretagogue is the term for a substance that chemically signals for the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone.

Originally developed to combat fat gain and obesity this product basically makes the body produce more of what it produces naturally in terms of natural growth hormone. What makes this particularly exceptional is that it’s a safe way to raise hormone levels compared to using synthetic hormones which means all the benefits with none of the side effects.

S4 is said to be one of the most potent and effective SARMS for sustaining lean muscle mass while stimulating fat elimination at the same time. It is a highly unique product in that it enables users to both build muscle and strip fat at the same time. When compared to traditional anabolic steroids and injectables such as testosterone, Andarine S4 can produce comparable results without the side effects.

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